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Compliance Outsourcing Program

We focus on developing and maintaining the required knowledge as a core competency and developing industry-aligned talent pools, for approximately the same cost as hiring additional employee(s).

HCCALLC also bring their process frameworks, commitment and knowledge from performing similar services for other clients. Our compliance activities should be subject to legal counsel oversight and direction.

The more regulated an industry and the more dynamic its regulatory environment, the stronger the motivation for your organization to consider compliance outsourcing to improve its allocation of resources. This reflects the overall goal of outsourcing- to place operational functions with a third party who can execute them at high levels of quality, with responsiveness, cost effective delivery models, and to free up internal resources for revenue generating activities.

We work directly with legal counsel and your compliance officer to develop a cost effective approach to meeting annual compliance goals and objectives. Policy Developement; Training; Annual Coding and Documentation Audits and Reports; and investigations of compliance concerns are just a few of the duties required by any compliance officer. We can compliment exisiting compliance efforts or start a program from the ground up and are ready to assist.

Research & Coverage

With over 55,000 rules and regulations, navigating the CMS coverage sections can be daunting to anyone. Be it lack of time or comfort, we are often asked about coverage guidelines for a specific product or service. Many of our DME clients ask about coverage for new items and the process for obtaining a specific billing code. From the routine to the specialty specific question, we are here to assist you in getting paid for covered products and services.

Hourly rates apply to research and coverage consulting services.

Speakers & Presentations

We offer a wide selection of presentation options from small group roundtable discussions to national specialty society engagements. We can customize a presentation for you or work with one of known templates.

Small roundtable discussions to national specialty society presentations, audience size is only limited by the available space. We come to you for your presentation requirements.

Hourly or flat rate pricing apply to presentation services.

Strategic Planning

By helping you develop objective, yet realistic priorities, we look at the whole picture and help our clients create a plan for future strategic, financial, and operational success, while staying true to the mission, vision and values of the organization.

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